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About Us

Lucky Spot Beach Bungalow
Lucky Spot Beach Bungalow.jpg
Your hosts Tina & Lisa

We are a happy couple from Germany with vietnamese roots from Lisa. Together we worked on our goal to emigrate abroad sometime. Tina was the ultimate driving force who transformed our dream from a 10 years plan into a 2 years plan. After a lot of work, sweat and luck we can welcome you since 2019 in our new adopted home as  proud hosts of the Lucky Spot Beach Bungalow. In addition we have our greatest happiness since 2021, which has made our family perfect :)

Support our village

Vietnam is a land of traditional crafts, where everyone either has his own shop or pursues a profession mostly from home. It is important to us not only to buy food from villagers, but also goods e.g. from the local carpenter or salesperson. Regarding to this it is important for us that our employees are from the village or from nearby. This is our small contribution which we return to the community that has welcomed us as new members.

Our story and mission

Since many years we are already successful Superhosts in our german hometown Dresden who implement their duty with heart and soul. We combine our european experiences with vietnamese hosts culture in the best possible way to create a synergy thereby our guests can experience an unique and relaxing holiday.

Positiv impact

We believe that everyone can positively influence their environment and try to create a more beautiful and better place. You just have to take the first step!

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